Our EUROPEAN activities

Short summary of our European activities
for our English speaking visitors of our homepage

Our school started taking part in Comenius projects in 2002.
Since then we were involved in three following projects.

2002-20051st project: “What we can find in our school books about our partner countries”
Partner countries: Czech republic, Romania, Slowakia and for one year Poland.
Coordinator: VS Memmingerberg/Germany

2005-20082nd project: “Sharing and making music and dance”
Partner countries: Italy, Spain, France, Austria, England, Poland and Germany.
Coordinator: Scuola Quattro Circolo/Frosinone/Italy

2008-20103rd project: “Developing strategies and practices for intercultural dialogue both within and between European partner countries”
Partner countries: Italy, Spain, Turkey, England, France, Belgium, Austria and Germany. Coordinator: Scuola Quattro Circolo/Frosinone/Italy

2010-20124th project: “Building Bridges”
Partner countries: Finland, Lithuania, Czech republic, Holland, England, Italy, France and Germany

BUILDING BRIDGES in Europe, within and between partner countries. Building Respect In Democracy Gaining Educational Success includes looking at bridges in local, national, and international contexts in the changing world we live.

Building Bridges is supportive to ensuring intercultural dimensions, European Citizenship and to promoting awareness of the need to create international communication.

To enable students to progress from intercultural exchanges to European Citizens we will provide opportunities to

  • apply strategies to understand the different concepts of building bridges from local to regional to national to international through partner countries.
  • learn through pedagogical activities to explore links in history, geography, technology, sociology, philosophy, sports, music and arts.
  • broaden understanding of the role of communication in the challenge of an united Europe through the experiences of this partnership
  • look at the meaning of democracy and how it works in each of our countries
  • understand how democracy affects our everyday lives.

Mobilities between partners will enrich the concepts of building and using bridges, their function and purpose and their relationship to the environment where the students reside. The underpinning principle of the partnership is that a bridge is not only a link between two riverbanks but the route before and after.

Since eight years it’s an important part of our school profile to promote the abilities of our students needed for a European citizenship based on interest, tolerance and respect for other countries, speaking a foreign language and feeling a friendly affinity to children of other cultures.

Andrea Sigismund and Edeltraud Merk-Schnurrenberger